Our Mission

We understand that it’s not easy for parents to help their children become better math students and stronger problem solvers. We know that a strong foundation in mathematics is vital to academic success and your child’s ability to excel, not just at school, but in life. At exSTEMsions, our expert teacher-created problems allow any parent, no matter how they feel about math, to enable their child to become confident in math, think critically, and solve any problem put in their path. Our goal is to help you arm your children with the skills needed to open the doors to success now, and into the future, no matter what career they may choose, whether it be in STEM, or a field that has yet to be invented.

Our Team

 Photo of Sara Torpey

Sara Torpey

CEO, Co-Founder

Sara Torpey is the CEO and co-founder of exSTEMsions. Sara has been a teacher for as long as she can remember - she taught swimming, baking, writing, French braiding and lots more, all before leaving high school. Her formal teaching career began as a middle school math teacher. From that role she went on to become a math coach, working with middle and elementary school teachers to improve their content knowledge and instructional skills. She has also taught various kinds of mathematics to college students. No matter the role, Sara’s first love has always been teaching. Sara sees exSTEMsions as an awesome way to teach in two ways: teaching learners through awesome problems AND helping parents learn to love doing math their kids, even if teaching math isn’t their passion. Sara lives with her fabulous husband, two silly children, two happy dogs, fish (really, what can you say about the fish?) and one cranky cat in Bucks County, PA.

 Photo of Elizabeth Sieminski

Elizabeth Sieminski

CCO, Co-Founder

Elizabeth Sieminski is the CCO (chief content officer) and co-founder of exSTEMsions. She has two Master's degrees: one in mathematics, and the other in math education, curriculum and instruction. Elizabeth has been a philosopher, artist, architectural designer, and mathematics and mathematics education professor in her winding professional journey. Elizabeth hasn’t been able to choose sides - doer or teacher - and she’s glad not to. She has never believed that a student can only be good in one category - arts or sciences - and has worked on developing all sides of the brain - be it her own, her son’s, or her students’. Elizabeth sees exSTEMsions as a natural extension of her math education brain, her artistic brain, and her love for international math-problem-joy. She lives in Union County, NJ with her mathematician husband, and worries about her son who will graduate from college before being able to legally toast his own success (and she hopes that her son has forgotten some of those crazy math education experiments from his early childhood…). She is also close friends with two colonies of microorganisms: her New Jersey kitchen sourdough and homemade yogurt culture.