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Atypical math and problem solving tasks for kids + families who love math already OR who WANT to love math (because loving math is a HUGE advantage in life).

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Why exSTEMsions?

Because math, critical thinking, and problem solving skill MATTER for kids' success in school and in life.

If you want to

  • improve your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to help them excel in school and life...
  • help your child connect with and relate to math in ways that build math, critical thinking, and problem solving skills all at the same time...
  • give your child more opportunities to think creatively and in ways that make sense to them...
  • give your child your child a leg up in school now, school in the future, and the eventual job market by building an actual love of math...

... then exSTEMsions' unique math-based critical thinking and problem solving tasks are EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

Who is it for?

Our problem-sets are built for families with kids around ages 10+ and where kids either need a NEW math challenge (because they're b o r e d) or a DIFFERENT approach to math (because what they're doing in school engaging them).

When kids' aren't challenged by the math their learning, they're missing a chance to get ahead and gain skills in line with where they are.

And when kids' aren't connected to the math they're learning, they’re missing out on vital skills that will help them succeed later.

Our problem-sets are built to help with BOTH of these issues and have all of the tools you need as a parent to help your child excel in math, right now.

Who is it for?

Our problem-sets are built for students in middle school + and where kids want or need something that's different from everything else they're doing in school.

Our problem-solving sets are NOT the kind you find in your curriculum materials - they're story-driven, accessible yet complex, and ask students to apply math concepts in new and innovative ways.

Each problem set creates natural opportunities for collaboration, leans into the idea that there can and SHOULD be multiple-approaches, and lends themselves to substantive discussion of math ideas, problem solving approaches, and how to think critically.

Our problem-sets are built to engage and challenge students in ways that aren't the norm, and to help students create meaningful learning, new connections, and confidence in math.

How does it work?

Powerful math, critical thinking, and problem-solving in a simple, easy to use structure.

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It all starts with The Problem.

Our Problems are not your run-of-the-mill exercises. They're also not found in your standard curriculum materials.

Each Problem begins as a story or puzzle that's both relatable (kids can see what's going on and what the problem actually is) and engaging (they get HOOKED right away!).

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And we'll tell you where it fits.

The Math Category and Thinking Skills for each problem give you - the teacher or parent - CONTEXT. It gives you the key topics and skills being used in the problem as well as the habits of mind that will be strengthened through solving it.

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Not just the answers, but The Solution.

Every problem comes with a friendly, readable, COMPLETE, step-by-step Solution. It's built to be more than just the answer... because math is about more than just the answer.

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We know the right Supporting Questions to ask at the right time.

Through Supporting Questions we provide thoughtful, expert-teacher created questions - at the right time in the solution process - that will help you to help advance kids' thinking without also giving away crucial parts of the Solution. These questions will help to generate discussion, reduce frustration, and create ah-has right when they're needed most.

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Then it's time for the Exstemsion...

The Exstemsion is an additional challenge that extends (get it?!) The Problem in a creative, unexpected, or fun way. And, just so you don't worry - each Exstemsion comes with its own complete Solution.

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The Big Ideas tie it all together.

At the end, our Big Ideas provide a deeper look into some of the math concepts explored in the problem. They'll help to shore up understanding of crucial parts of the problem for the adult running the show as needed and also give a big picture view of the math themes you've encountered, what they mean, and why it all matters.

Ready to solve problems?

Math is important. We hear this throughout our education. But sometimes all that "rah rah rah" kinda sounds like "blah blah blah," doesn't it? So why should math be on your mind? And why should you let us put it there?